The Aesthetic Meeting 2024

If you have determined you require a visitor visa (Temporary Resident Visa), please visit the Visit Canada website to view all the steps required to apply for a visitor visa.

Success in obtaining a visa will depend on the applicant’s ability to provide sufficient supporting documentation about themselves and the nature of their visit to Canada.  Check your eligibility here.

When registering for The Aesthetic Meeting 2024 you will have the opportunity to request a Visa Invitation Letter. 

Visa Invitation letters are normally issued within 48 hours of your registration being processed. Invitations will not be issued without an accompanying registration.  In order to expedite the process of your application along with our letter you will be required to confirm your travel itinerary including details of a confirmed hotel booking.  Book your hotel here.

If you transit through a third country, you may also require a visa for that country (i.e. United States).

Visa processing times can be lengthy, depending on your circumstances, so it's a good idea to make your own inquiries as soon as possible about your ability to enter Canada and apply for your visa.

The Aesthetic Society does not guarantee that the visa issuing authority will issue the visa in a timely manner. The Aesthetic Society will not contact or intervene with any Embassy or Consulate office on behalf of a Participant.  The Aesthetic Society cannot be held responsible if a Participant’s visa is not approved. 

Expedite visitor visas, with benefits for tourism, major conferences, and events.
 "As of June 6, 2023, 13 more countries have been added to a partial visa exempt countries list. Now, travelers from 67 countries can apply for an electronic travel  authorization (eTA) instead of a visa with most eTA applications approved within minutes. We are also committed to ensuring priority visa processing so those from all over the world attending major conferences and events in Canada that are registered with IRCC,  make it there on time.”

Questions? Please contact Jamie Rosenstein at


THE AESTHETIC SOCIETY organizers require all registrants to make their own inquiries about their ability to enter Canada and offer no representations of the validity of the information provided at any of the links below. The information detailed here is for general informational purposes only.  The use of this information is at the discretion of the end user and is being provided free of charge.