Facial and Rhinoplasty Symposium - The Aesthetic Society

  On or Before 12/1 On or after 12/2
Aesthetic Society Active, AAFPRS Active Member & International Active Member $1,499 $1,650
Aesthetic Society Associate Program Member
*Must be a current enrollee in the Associate Program
$1,499 $1,650
Guest Plastic Surgeon
*Must be a surgeon certified by or board-eligible for The American Board of Plastic Surgery
$1,899 $2,050
Aesthetic Society Life Member/ Resident–In-Person
Must be enrolled in The Aesthetic Society’s Resident Program. International Residents must provide verification
from your plastic surgery program director
$500 $600
Aesthetic Society Life Member/ Resident–Virtual Registration
(Residents must provide letter of verification from chief of plastic surgery)
$0 $0
Aesthetic Care Team Affiliate Program Enrollee
(Aesthetic Care Team Affiliate Program only for staff of Active & International Active Members)
$500 $575
Allied Health Personnel/Office Personnel
(Must provide letter verifying employment by an ABPS-certified plastic surgeon)
$625 $700
Industry Observer
(Must provide letter of verification of employment on company letterhead)
$2,050 $2,050
Cadaver Lab $1,199 $1,199
Refunds not considered unless a written request is emailed to Victoria@theaestheticsociety.org by December 12, 2022, or mailed to the Aesthetic Society Central Office and postmarked by December 12, 2022. Refunds will be subject to a minimum 15% administrative fee.

No refunds issued after December 12, 2022

*Program and hours subject to change