Facial and Rhinoplasty Symposium - The Aesthetic Society
The Aesthetic Society
11262 Monarch Street, Garden Grove, CA 92841
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Symposium Registration Contact:
Victoria Cierpich
Phone: 562.799.2356 ext. 104
Email: victoria@theaestheticsociety.org

Exhibitor Information Contact:
Erika Ortiz-Ramos
Director of Exhibits
Phone: 562.799.2356 ext. 309
Email: erika@theaestheticsociety.org

Meetings Information Contact:
Kathleen McClemmy
Director of Meetings
Phone: 562.799.2356 ext. 124
Email: kathleen@theaestheticsociety.org

Support Opportunities Contact:
Jackie S. Nunn
Director of Corporate Relations
Phone: 562.799.2356 ext. 127
Email: jackie@theaestheticsociety.org