Experienced Insights in Breast & Body Contouring - September 8-10, 2022

All relevant financial relationships have been mitigated

William P. Adams, Jr., MD
Tepha: Luminary, Stock/Options

Jamil Ahmad, MD
Allergan: Consultant, Honoraria
Venus Concept: Advisor, Honoraria
InMode: Consultant, Honoraria

Al Aly, MD
Nothing to Disclose

Caroline Glicksman, MD, MSJ - Chair
Motiva US: Medical Director

Ashley Gordon, MD
Sofwave: Consultant, Cost Reimbursements, Fees, Other Compensation
Brijjit, Co.: Investor
Sientra, Inc.: Advisor, Consultant, Investigator, Cost Reimbursement, Fees, Honoraria
HintMD: Investor, Stock/Options
PatientFi, LLC: Investor, Stock/Options
Revelle: Consultant

Kristi Hustak, MD
Nothing to Disclose

Nolan Karp, MD
Establishment Labs, S.A.: Investigator, Research Support
Surgical Innovations Associates: Investor

Danielle Le Blanc, MD
Nothing to Disclose

Patricia McGuire, MD - Chair
Establishment Labs S.A.: Consultant, Investigator, Cost Reimbursement, Research Support

David Sieber, MD - Chair
Sciton: Speaker, Honoraria
Apyx Medical: Speaker, Honoraria

Steven R. Sigalove, MD
Sientra, Inc.: Consultant, Speaker, Cost Reimbursements, Honoraria
Galatea Surgical: Consultant, Speaker, Cost Reimbursements, Honoraria
KCI: Consultant, Speaker, Cost Reimbursements, Honoraria

Louis Strock, MD
Establishment Labs: Investigator
Mentor Worldwide: Consultant, Honoraria

Debi Toombs – nothing to disclose

Jennifer Walden, MD
Inmode: Stock/Options
Sciton: Luminary 
Dominion Aesthetics: Luminary
Sofwave: Luminary 
Elsevier: Royalties
Ideal Implant: Luminary
Symplast: Luminary

Tiffany Weckerly – nothing to disclose