Plan to arrive at the Convention Center 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the session or course you are attending each day due to the need for wellness station check-in. Lines will result. Because of this in addition to the time it will take to walk through the large convention center, comfortable shoes are recommended.
2:00pm – 4:00pm
Sunday May 2, 2021

Session Chairs: Kye Higdon, MD & Deniz Sarhaddi, MD

2:00pm - 2:07pm             
Histology of Sub-Dermal Remodeling after Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum (CCH) Subcutaneous Injection: Evidence from Porcine and Human Studies
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Sachin M. Shridharani, MD

2:07pm - 2:14pm             
Clinical Evaluation of the Safety and Efficacy of a 1060 Nm Diode Laser for Non-Invasive Fat Reduction of the Abdomen
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Christine Wamsley, MD, Mikaela Kislevitz, MD, Jeffrey M. Kenkel, MD, FACS, Jennifer Barillas and Tracey Mancuso

2:14pm - 2:21pm             
Clinical Experience of Body Contouring Treatment with Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA)
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Sachin M. Shridharani, MD, Grace Tisch, BA and Carolina Edwartz, PhD

2:21pm - 2:28pm             
Evaluating the Efficacy, Tolerability and Outcomes of Topical Tripeptide and Hexapeptide Formulations PRE and Post Liposuction of the Medial Thighs
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R. Brannon Claytor, MD

2:28pm - 2:35pm             
Clinical Assessment of Skin Tightening and Contour Change of Submental Tissue Using Bipolar Radiofrequency Microneedling
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Christine Wamsley, MD, David Turer, MD, Abby Culver, MD, Jennifer Barillas, Yucel Akgul, MD, PhD and Jeffrey M. Kenkel, MD, FACS

2:35pm - 2:42pm             
A Randomized, Evaluator-Blinded, Multi-Center Study to Evaluate Safety and Effectiveness of a Biostimulatory Poly-L-Lactic Acid Injectable Implant after Changes in Reconstitution
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Younghoon Cho, MD, PhD, Melanie Palm, MD, Susan Weinkle, MD, Brenda LaTowsky, MD and Heidi Prather, MD

2:42pm - 2:49pm             

2:49pm - 2:56pm             

2:56pm - 3:07pm             

3:07pm - 3:14pm             
Detection of Baseline Emotion in Brow Lift Patients Using Artificial Intelligence
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Thanapoom Boonipat, MD, Jason Lin, BS and Uldis Bite, MD

3:14pm - 3:21pm

3:21pm - 3:28pm             
Using Artificial Intelligence to Evaluate the Impact of Glabellar Paralysis on Facial Expression of Emotion
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Thanapoom Boonipat, MD, Malke Asaad, MD, Uldis Bite, MD and Mitchell Stotland

3:28pm - 3:35pm
Pilot Study Investigating the Efficacy of Fat Grafting As a Treatment for Male and Female Facial Acne Scarring
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Christine Wamsley, MD, David Turer, MD, Abby Culver, MD, Jennifer Barillas, Yucel Akgul, MD, PhD and Jeffrey M. Kenkel, MD, FACS

3:35pm - 3:42pm             
A Novel Regenerative Medicine Approach for Hair Restoration
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Richard Chaffoo, MD

3:42pm - 3:49pm             
Early Experience with the Use of the Interi System to Facilitate Internal Wound Control after Abdominoplasty
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Robert Paul, MD, FACS

3:49pm - 4:00pm             

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