As aesthetic plastic surgeons, we find beauty everywhere. In nature, art and the authentic beauty in each of our patients. We also find it in the relationships we form and in simple things, like going on a morning run along a beach and sharing an espresso with friends before heading into a busy conference center ready to learn from our community of elite plastic surgeons.

We have that opportunity again.

From April 29 – May 3 we will meet in Miami Beach some of us in-person, some of us online. For those at home, you will be integral in engaging and interacting with faculty and attendees onsite via chat rooms and the meeting app. Regardless, this resilient and committed group will meet. Once again, we will share the latest techniques and research to enhance our skills and provided safer patient care.

In Miami Beach, we will follow COVID-19 safety guidelines in our Aesthetic Marketplace, sessions, meetings and receptions. With these protocols in place, we will conduct our meeting with the high standards we provide for our patients entering our care.

We have much to discuss. The changes that have occurred over this last year will have a resounding effect on the way we practice and the expectations our patients have for us. It is crucial that The Aesthetic Society and ASERF look to the future, emboldened by our pillars: Education, Expertise, Beauty, and Artistry.

We are so excited to meet with our industry colleagues who provided much-needed support during our time apart.

This kind of innovative meeting is what separates us from other organizations.  Our commitment to each other, our commitment to sharing our aesthetic, everywhere.

Herluf G. Lund, MD
President, The Aesthetic Society
Luis Rios Jr., MD
President, ASERF
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