Plan to arrive at the Convention Center 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the session or course you are attending each day due to the need for wellness station check-in. Lines will result. Because of this in addition to the time it will take to walk through the large convention center, comfortable shoes are recommended.
9:15am – 12:30pm
Saturday May 1, 2021

Session Chairs 9:15am-10:45am:  Michael Lee, MD & Gabriele Miotto, MD

9:15am - 9:22am             
Treatment of Festoons and Malar Mounds: Long Term Results
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Mokhtar Asaadi, MD

9:22am - 9:29am              
Lateral Canthopexy: An Anatomical Perspective on the Mechanism of Suture Based Lower Eyelid Support
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Elbert Vaca, MD, Lauren Mioton, MD and Mohammed Alghoul, MD, FACS

9:29am - 9:36am              
Combined Use of PRP and Adipose Stem Cells in Aesthetic Surgery
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Randy Miller, MD

9:36am - 9:43am              
Does Perioperative Txa Reduce Post-Operative Edema in Orthognathic Surgery? a Three-Dimensional Morphometric Analysis.
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Jenny Yang, MD, Alvaro Reategui, BA, Sarah Phillips, BS, Connor Peck, BS, Yassmin Parsaei, DMD, Joseph Lopez, MD, MBA and Derek Steinbacher, MD, DMD, FACS

9:43am - 9:50am              
Assessment of Wellbeing and Anxiety-Related Disorders in Those Seeking Rhinoplasty: A Crowdsourcing-Based Study
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Orr Shauly, BS, Jay Calvert, MD, Grant Stevens, Rod Rohrich, MD, Nate Villanueva and Daniel J. Gould, MD PhD5

9:50am - 10:00am           

10:00am - 10:07am         
Orthognathic Considerations in the Rhinoplasty Patient: A Treatment Algorithm for Optimizing “Profileplasty” Outcomes
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Connor Peck, BS, Navid Pourtaheri, MD PhD, Ludmila Chandler, BS, Joseph Lopez, MD, MBA and Derek Steinbacher, MD, DMD, FACS

10:07am - 10:14am         
Prospective Trial Evaluating the Long-Term Outcomes Associated with the Use of MTF Allograft Cartilage in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Procedures
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Rou Wan, MD, Chitang Joshi, MD, Miguel Carabano, MD, Laura Perez Arteaga, MD and Robert D. Galiano, MD, FACS

10:14am - 10:21am         
Evaluating National Trends for Autologous Graft Use in Primary and Revision Rhinoplasties
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Victor Martinez-Zavala, MD, Jose Cataneo, MD, Sydney A Mathis and Parit Patel, MD

10:21am -10:28am          
Predictive Factors Influencing Edema after Open Septorhinoplasty
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Jenny Yang, MD, Alvaro Reategui, BA, Connor Peck, BS, Sarah Phillips, BS, Yassmin Parsaei, DMD, Joseph Lopez, MD, MBA and Derek Steinbacher, MD, DMD, FACS

10:28am - 10:35am         
Rhinoplasty in the Older Adult
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Sumun Khetpal, BS, BA, Arvind Gowda, MD, Yassmin Parsaei, DMD, Jacob Dinis, BA, Mohammad Ali Mozaffari, MD, Joseph Lopez, MD, MBA and Derek Steinbacher, MD, DMD, FACS

10:35am - 10:45am         

Session Chairs 11:00am-12:30pm:  Foad Nahai, MD & Cindy Wu, MD

11:00am - 11:07am         
Validation of a New Standarized Anatomic and Regenerative FAT Grafting: Dynamic Photometric Evaluation from 1-19 Months
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Steven Cohen, MD and Jordan Wesson

11:07am - 11:14am        
Lamina (Laser, Microneedling, Nanofat) Facial Rejuvenation: A Novel Treatment Protocol with Concomitant CO2 Laser, Microneedling, and Nanofat for Aesthetic Facial Rejuvenation
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Casey Sheck, DO, Steven Kozusko, MD, Kamal Addagatla, MD, Michael Karon, DO and R. Brannon Claytor, MD

11:14am - 11:21am         
Evaluating Facelift Complications and the Effectiveness of the Smasectomy Technique: A Single Center’s 15-Year Experience
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Orr Shauly, BS, Greg Stone, Rebecca Shin, Grant Stevens and Daniel J. Gould, MD PhD

11:21am - 11:28am         
Z Lift Facelift
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Larry Weinstein, MD, FACS

11:28am - 11:35am         
Sliding Osseous Genioplasty: A Viable Alternative to Implant Exchange in Patients with Previous Chin Implantation
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Connor Peck, BS, Mohammad Ali Mozaffari, MD, Navid Pourtaheri, MD PhD, Omar Allam, BS, John Smetona, MD, Joseph Lopez, MD, MBA, Orion Haas, DDS, OMFS, MSc, PhD and Derek Steinbacher, MD, DMD, FACS

11:35am - 11:45am         

11:45am - 11:52am         
Primary Rheological Characteristics of a Novel Agarose Gel Filler Versus a Deep Volumizing HA Filler, Relevance to Clinical Behavior and Potential Considerations for Injectable Safety
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Hema Sundaram, MD, FAAD

11:52am - 11:59am         
A Randomized, Dose-Escalating, Double-Blind Study to Evaluate Abobotulinumtoxina for the Treatment of Moderate-to-Severe Glabellar Lines
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Paul Lorenc, MD, John H. Joseph, MD, Amir Moradi, MD, MBA, Kyle Coleman, MD, Glynis Ablon, MD, Joely Kaufman-Janette, MD, Sue Ellen Cox, MD,  Andrew Campbell, MD, Steve Dayan, MD and Girish Munavalli, MD

11:59am - 12:06pm        
A Randomized, Evaluator-Blinded, Comparator-Controlled, Study to Evaluate Safety and Effectiveness of Harc for Cheek Augmentation and Correction of Midface Contour Deficiencies
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Sachin M. Shridharani, MD, Derek H. Jones, MD, Leslie Baumann, MD, Amir Moradi, MD, MBA, Melanie Palm, MD, MBA, Craig Teller, MD,  Mark Taylor, MD, Theda Kontis, MD, Anne Chapas, MD, Michael Kaminer, MD, David Bank, MD, FAAD, Kenneth Beer, MD, and Deirdre Hooper, MD

12:06pm - 12:13pm        
Efficacy and Tolerability of Microneedling on Facial and Neck Fine Lines and Wrinkles of Male and Female Subjects
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Christine Wamsley, MD, Mikaela Kislevitz, MD, Jennifer Barillas, Yucel Akgul, MD, PhD and Jeffrey M. Kenkel, MD, FACS

12:13pm - 12:20pm        
Helium Plasma Driven Radiofrequency for Neck Lifting
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Diane Duncan, MD, FACS

12:20pm - 12:30pm        

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