FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 2021
1:30pm – 6:30pm
S8 Premier Global Hot Topics
5 CME credits
Registration fee: $350
Moderators: Jamil Ahmad, MD, Tiffany McCormack, MD and Simeon Wall, Jr., MD
Level: Comprehensive                         Organization: Didactic/Seminar
Desired outcomes:
  • Evaluate techniques currently in the patient spotlight
  • Identify how to separate hype from reality 
  Welcoming Remarks Jamil Ahmad, MD, Tiffany McCormack, MD and Simeon Wall Jr., MD
The Latest and Greatest in Facial Rejuvenation
1:35pm The Future of Facelift and Microcoring (Cytrellis Update) Jason Pozner, MD
1:39pm The New Lutronic Genius RF Microneedling Device & Morpheus Jason Pozner, MD
1:43pm PRP in a Bottle: Biomolecular Skin Care Barry DiBernardo, MD
1:47pm SofWave New and Improved US Tightening Device Barry DiBernardo, MD
1:51pm My Ellevate Greg Mueller, MD
1:55pm Threadlift: Updates & Pearls Julius Few, MD
1:59pm PuraSinus Julius Few, MD
2:03pm Revance Update Michael A. C. Kane, MD
2:07pm The Hemostatic Net: Hematoma Prevention in Rhytidectomy James Grotting, MD
2:11pm Discussion  
 Digital Updates You Need to Know About 
2:41pm Aesthetic One App Louis Strock, MD
2:45pm ANN Barry Fernando, MD
2:49pm Aesthetic Innovations W. Grant Stevens, MD
2:53pm Discussion  
3:03pm Coffee Break  
What I Changed About My Practice During the Pandemic and Why it is Better Now
3:13pm What I Changed Henry Mentz, MD
3:17pm What I Changed Julius Few, MD
3:21pm What I Changed Brad Calobrace, MD
3:25pm What I Changed W. Grant Stevens, MD
3:29pm What I Changed Paco Canales, MD
3:37pm Discussion  
From Muscle to Skin, What We Are Doing to Beautify the Body
4:02pm High Energy Repetitive Output BBL: Sciton Hero Jason Pozner, MD
4:06pm Renuvion (Interior & Exterior) Diane Duncan, MD
4:10pm InMode Update: BodyTite, FaceTite, Morpheous 8 Henry Mentz, MD
4:14pm Wrappable RF for Skin Tightening Barry DiBernardo, MD
4:18pm Brijjit Wound Closure Felmont Eaves, III, MD
4:22pm The Interi System for Surgical Wound Closure Patricia McGuire, MD
4:26pm FDA Stem Cell Update Robert Singer, MD
4:30pm Discussion  
4:50pm Coffee Break  
What's New in Breast Surgery and How Does it Help Me?
5:01pm Mesh for the Breast, What to Use and When? Brad Calobrace, MD
5:05pm Motiva Update Caroline Glicksman, MD
5:09pm Stingray: A New Implant Delivery Option Joe Gryskiewicz, MD
5:13pm Discussion  
What We Are Doing About Cellulite Now?
5:28pm Qwo and the Phase 4 Study Updates Diane Duncan, MD
5:32pm Multiple Cellulite Treatment Options Brad Calobrace, MD
5:36pm Grade III Injections, Grade II Body Microneedling Barry DiBernardo, MD
5:40pm Discussion  
The Latest Plastic Surgery Trends Driven By Social Media
5:55pm Spider Butt Lift with Threads Simeon Wall Jr., MD
5:59pm Barbie Nose Jamil Ahmad, MD
6:03pm Russian Doll Lips Tiffany McCormack, MD
6:07pm Discussion  
6:27pm Closing Remarks Jamil Ahmad, MD, Tiffany McCormack, MD and Simeon Wall Jr., MD
6:30pm Adjourn  
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