SUNDAY, MAY 2, 2021
4:30pm – 6:30pm
2-Hour Courses


401 Scarpa Sparing Abdominoplasty with Concomitant Liposuction; No Drains Needed
R. Brannon Claytor, MD, Antonio Costa-Ferreira, MD, and Oren Lerman, MD
Level: Advanced                                  Organization: Didactic 
Desired outcomes:

  • Discuss what is the expected amount of swelling post operatively
  • Identify the ideal location for the umbilicus
  • Explain what can be done preoperatively to minimize post-operative infections
  • Evaluate seromas: what causes them, interventions to minimize and if a seroma develops, how to manage it
  • Distinguish what landmarks for incisions are best to achieve desired results while avoiding wound complications
  • Assess a new algorithm for evaluating and classifying the abdomen
  • Evaluate patients who are candidates for abdominoplasty with concomitant liposuction 
  • Demonstrate the anatomy of scarpa's fascia  
  • Review of post-operative instructions to achieve optimal results
  • Compare non-surgical options: How to evaluate and select these patients
  • Evaluate surgical technique to perform liposuction with abdominoplasty


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