SUNDAY, MAY 2, 2021
2:00pm – 4:00pm
2-Hour Courses


NEW 306 Inclusion and Diversity 101: New Perspectives in the Specialty
Course Facilitators: Anureet Bajaj, MD and Herluf Lund, MD
Faculty: Joe Losee, MD, Camille Cash, MD, Akash Chandawarkar, MD, Niquette Hunt, Carrie Strom
Level: Basic                                                  Organization: Panel 
This course is to act as a primer for aesthetic plastic surgeons to learn about inequities in aesthetic medicine and how to incorporate Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accountability into their practices. Using this framework, panelists will engage the audience with personal experiences, an in-depth look at the specialty, best-practices for industry, and the direction the specialty must go to meet needs of the ever-changing patient populations.

Desired outcomes:

  • Recognize moral and ethical underpinnings of inclusion and diversity
  • Discuss how to bring inclusion and diversity into your practice
  • Identify benefits of inclusion and diversity, such as:
    • Being a key opinion leader on inclusionary activities
    • Expanding your practice through diversity
    • Employee retention
    • Inclusive marketing practices
    • Positioning your practice in a changing world
    • Increasing the value and productivity in your practice

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