Nuances in Injectables - The Next Beauty Frontier - A Virtual Symposium

Jamil Ahmad, MD - Education Commissioner​
Allergan: Consultant, Honoraria; Venus Concept: Advisor, Honoraria; InMode: Consultant, Honoraria ​

David Funt, MD ​
Galderma Laboratories, L.P.: Consultant, Fees, Honoraria; Revance Therapeutics: Consultant, Fees, Honoraria; Merz Aesthetics: Consultant, Fees, Honoraria ​

Michael A. C. Kane, MD​
ABG Labs: Consultant, Speaker, Fees; Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie Company: Advisor, Consultant, Investigator, Speaker: Fees, Stock/ Options; Candesant: Consultant, Employee, Investor, Fees, Stock/Options; Endo Aesthetics: Consultant, Fees; Evolus: Consultant, Fees;Galderma Laboratories, L.P.: Advisor, Consultant, Investigator, Speaker, Fees, Honoraria; Revance Therapeutics: Advisor, Consultant, Investigator, Speaker, Fees, Stock/Options; Revelle Aesthetics: Consultant, Fees; Teoxane: Consultant, Investigator, Fees: Croma: Consultant, Speaker​ Merz: Consultant, investigator​

Jeff Kenkel, MD​
Bellus: Research Support; Allergan Aesthetics: Research Support; Venus Medical: Research Support; InMode: Research Support​

Christopher Surek, DO - Chair​
Cypris Medical: Consultant, Stock/Options; Galderma Laboratories: LP: Consultant, Cost Reimbursements, Honoraria, Rees; Allergan: Consultant, Cost Reimbursements, Honoraria; ​

Debi Toombs​
Nothing to Disclose​

Steven Weiner, MD​
Sciton: Speaker, Fees; Clarius Mobile Health: Advisor, Consultant, Speaker, Cost Reimbursements, Fees, Honoraria; Revance Therapeutics: Speaker, Cost Reimbursements, Honoraria; BTL Industries, Inc: Consultant, Honoraria: Galderma Laboratories: Advisor, Consultant, Speaker, Cost Reimbursements, Fees, Honoraria; Lutronic: Speaker, Honoraria​

Jackie Yee, MD – Vice Chair​
Evolus: Advisor, Consultant, Honoraria; Galderma Laboratories, L.P.: Consultant, Speaker, Advisor, Honoraria; Endo Aesthetics: Advisor, Speaker, Consultant, Honoraria; Allergan: Speaker, Consultant, Advisor, Honoraria; xMedica: Speaker, Honoraria; Revance Therapeutics: Consultant, Advisor, Speaker, Honoraria; SAI MedPartners LLC: Consultant, Honoraria; Alastin Skincare, INC: Advisory Board, Consultant, Honoraria; Solta Medical: Speaker, Honoraria; Revelle Aesthetics: Consultant, Honoraria ​