Nuances in Injectables - The Next Beauty Frontier - A Virtual Symposium

Nuances in Injectables Program (11:00 am – 3:00 pm CDT) – 4 hours CME
Session 1- Upper Face/Temple: Vascular Anatomy, Targets and Danger Zones

Welcome Message - Chris Surek, DO and Jackie Yee, MD

LIVE MARKINGS: Avoiding Vascular & Lymphatic Occlusion - 15 key structures – Chris Surek, DO

LIVE INJECTION: Neurotoxin Upper Face- Chris Surek, DO

SPLIT FACE INJECTION: Cannula versus Needle in Temple – Steven Weiner, MD and David Funt, MD

Session 2: Tear Trough & Peri-Orbital - Advanced Techniques

SPLIT FACE INJECTIONS: Midface Cannula versus Needle: Chris Surek, DO & Jeffrey Kenkel, MD

SPLIT FACE INJECTIONS: Tear Trough - Chris Surek, DO & Steven Weiner, MD

Presentation: New Products Update 2022: Jackie Yee, MD

Session 3: Lower Face: Lips, Chin, Jawline & Neck

LIVE INJECTION: Comprehensive Lip Correction: Jeffrey Kenkel, MD


LIVE INJECTION: Jawline & Chin Correction with HA Filler (Cannula): Steven Weiner, MD

LIVE INJECTION: Neck Rejuvenation with Hyperdilute CaHa: David Funt, MD

Session 4: Managing Complications Case Examples

Presentation: Treatment Protocols for Nodules and Occlusions: David Funt, MD

Presentation: Vascular Occlusion Case – Chris Surek, DO

Presentation: Delayed Onset Nodule Case – Steven Weiner, MD

Presentation: Incorporating Injections into Your Practice – Jeffrey Kenkel, MD

Grand Finale: Lightening Round “What Products I Use..Where and Why” – All Faculty