The Aesthetic Meeting 2024

THE AESTHETIC ARENA Industry Presentations

Saturday, May 4
Moderators: Gianfranco Frojo, MD & Nicholas Sinclair, MD

12:05pm - 12:14pm
Prospective Clinical Trial Evaluating the Outcomes Associated With the Use of Profile™ Costal Cartilage Allograft in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Procedures
Robert D. Galiano, MD
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12:14pm - 12:23pm
Hands Free Face and Body Contouring: AI in Aesthetic Surgery
Erez Dayan, MD
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12:23pm - 12:32pm
Prospective Evaluation of Autologous Fat Transfer to the Face with the use of the Viality™ System in Processing of Lipoaspirate
Steven Cohen, MD
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12:32pm - 12:41pm
Revolutionizing Patient Care in Aesthetic Surgery: The Pop Recovery Systems Approach
Laura Alexis
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12:41pm - 12:50pm
Cosmetic Digital Advertising Strategies for 2024
Bill Fukui
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12:50pm - 12:59pm
Where is Your Money Going? - The Key Financial Strategies to Help You Grow and Manage Cash
Christin Trujillo
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12:59pm - 1:08pm
Long-term Implant Survival and Satisfaction with Motiva Implants
M. Bradley Calobrace, MD
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1:08pm - 1:17pm
Combination Fractional and Bipolar RF in Face/Neck Rejuvenation
Erez Dayan, MD
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1:17pm - 1:26pm
OxyGenius CO2 Lift: Pioneering Skin Revival with Topical Hyperoxygenation
Alfredo Hoyos, MD
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1:26pm - 1:35pm
Morpheus QUANTUM: Revolutionizing Skin Revitalization and Tightening
Alfredo Hoyos, MD
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1:35pm - 1:44pm