The Aesthetic Meeting 2024


The Rhinoplasty Symposium

A Joint Symposium by The Aesthetic Society and The Rhinoplasty Society

8:00am Welcoming Remarks Ali Sajjadian, MD
Ashkan Ghavami, MD

Part 1: Clinical Analysis
Moderator: Ashkan Ghavami, MD

8:05am Nasal Analysis for Structure vs. Preservation Manish Shah, MD
8:15am Rhinoplasty Anatomy for Structural and Preservation Approaches Ali Totonchi MD

Part 2: Management of the Dorsum
Moderator: Ali Sajjadian, MD

8:25am Matching the Dorsum to the Tip Rod Rohrich, MD
8:35am Structural Midvault Design Richard Zoumalan, MD
8:45am Dorsal Reduction and Deprojection Adam Weinfeld, MD
8:55am Managing the Deviated Dorsum Jay Calvert, MD
9:05am Discussion
9:15am Managing Bony Vault, Osteotomes vs Piezo Larry Berkowitz, MD
9:30am Repositioning P.S.A. -Techniques and Considerations Brian Wong, MD
9:40am Effective Treatment of the Crooked/Twisted Nose Derek Steinbacher, MD
9:50am Discussion

Part 3: Alar Rims and Lateral Walls
Moderator: Jamil Ahmad, MD

10:00am Supporting the Alar Rims Rod Rohrich, MD
10:10am Lateral Crural Shaping and Support Ashkan Ghavami, MD
10:20am Discussion
10:30am Coffee Break

Part 4: Tip Support and Shaping
Moderator: Ashkan Ghavami, MD

10:45am Why I Commonly Use a Columellar Strut Graft Jamil Ahmad, MD
10:55am Septal Extension Grafts for Predictable Tip Support Ali Sajjadian, MD
11:05am The Vertical Split Septal Extension Graft Brian Wong, MD
11:15am Tip Suturing and Shaping Bahman Guyuron, MD
11:25am Discussion

Part 5: Special Topic: Alar Base Surgery
Moderator: Derek Steinbacher , MD

11:35am Management of the Alar Bases Bahman Guyuron, MD
11:45am Discussion

Part 6: Preservation Rhinoplasty (P.R.)
Moderator: Ali Sajjadian, MD

11:50am “High & Mid Septal Strip” Type Preservation Rhinoplasty Aaron Kosins, MD
12:05pm “Low Septal Strip” Type Preservation Rhinoplasty Dino Elyassnia, MD
12:15pm Preservation and Structural Hybrid Approach Jason Roostaeian, MD
12:25pm Avoiding Common Complications in P.R. Aaron Kosins, MD
12:35pm Closed Approach Tip Shaping and Refinement Dino Elyassnia, MD
12:45pm Discussion
12:55pm Summary and Closing Remarks Ali Sajjadian, MD
Ashkan Ghavami, MD