The Aesthetic Meeting 2024


8:00am – 12:00pm
S2 Nurse Cadaver Lab
4 CME credits
Registration fee: $500
Erica Bartoloni, PA, Neil Vranis, MD and Stelios Wilson, MD
Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize signs of facial aging by noting areas of volume loss and bony structural changes
  • Review surface landmarks that correlate with underlying anatomy for neuromodulator injection and how they affect surface structures
  • Visualize subcutaneous anatomy 1) superficial facial muscles, fat pads, arteries, veins and nerves; 2) deep bone anatomy that is the foundation of facial support/structure
  • Recognize and identify areas of vascular pathways that should be considered when injecting dermal fillers in order to minimize complications related to vascular occlusion
  • Gain confidence in accurate filler injections by visualizing the external (clinical) and internal (anatomic) placement of filler and confirming intended depth/location

Educational grant provided by Evolus.

In-kind support of injectable products provided by Evolus.