The Aesthetic Meeting 2024


7:30am – 1:00pm
S1 Endoscopic and Minimally Invasive Techniques for Middle and Upper-Third Facial Rejuvenation – A Cadaver Lab

5.5 CME credits
Registration fee: $2000
Space is limited to 20 people.
Greg Albert, MD, Grady Core, MD, Chia Chi Kao, MD, Kiya Movassaghi, MD and Renato Saltz, MD
Level: Comprehensive Organization: Workshop
Desired outcomes:
This covers endoscopic techniques in the forehead, brow and upper lid region, as well as minimally invasive techniques for lower lid, midface rejuvenation, including Endotine, and also fat grafting as an adjunct to facial rejuvenation. Brow lifting techniques will include updates on all methods of minimally invasive rejuvenation in this area including a gliding technique and fat grafting and will also include techniques of the periorbital region and midface. Cadaver dissection will be offered. Ample time will be given for cadaver dissection, with a demonstration of techniques by video. The participant will be able to outline the indications and risks and operative plan for endoscopic and minimally invasive techniques in the forehead, brow, periorbital, and midface region; will understand all anatomic detail and will be able to perform proper patient selection, with a rationale for matching patients with certain procedures.