The Aesthetic Meeting 2024


2-Hour Courses
2:00pm – 4:00pm


308 Closed Rhinoplasty: Simpler, Safer, Effective. Principles Adaptable to Primary, Secondary, Asymmetrical, Cleft and Transgender Patients.
Mark Constantian, MD and Mark Albert, MD
Level: Comprehensive Organization: Didactic Lecture
Course Description: Many excellent surgeons struggle with rhinoplasty and do not understand why their results are not as they intend. We believe that biggest reason for this difficulty is not the surgeon, but rather because current rhinoplasty approaches and technique are too complicated.

Secondary deformities follow one of only 3 patterns. Only 4 anatomical variations create them. Only 2 surgical strategies and 4 graft techniques will correct most common nasal deformities. We will demonstrate these principles in primary and secondary cases, asymmetry, clefts, and transgender patients.

Teaching Objectives: The purpose of this course, through lecture, video, and discussion, is to provide both the forest and the trees: the structural interrelationships and phenomenology of rhinoplasty healing, and the technical procedures (airway management and dorsal, radix, spreader, tip, and alar wall grafts) and strategies that allow the surgeon to make a preoperative diagnosis and carry out the operation as planned beforehand with security and safety.