The Aesthetic Meeting 2024


2-Hour Courses
2:00pm – 4:00pm


303 Neck Lift: Planning and Technique
Timothy Marten, MD
Level: Comprehensive Organization: Didactic Lecture
This course will be a practical, in-depth, clinically oriented, guide to planning and performing a neck lift. Video presentations of key parts of the procedure will be made and the course will include a question-and-answer period. (Please note: The course will focus on neck lift surgery only and facelift and other procedures to rejuvenate the face will not be specifically discussed. Separate courses on facelift, fat grafting, and forehead lift surgery are offered and interested learners are encouraged enroll in them.)
Desired outcomes:

  • Review the relevance of deep layer neck structures in the aging neck and the importance of modifying deep layer structures in the modern neck lift procedure.
  • Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of the commonly advocated neck lift techniques.
  • Discuss pre-operative analysis of the individual patient and the formulation of an appropriate surgical plan for neck lift surgery.
  • Discuss planning of incisions to minimize scars, hairline displacement and secondary deformities.
  • Discuss treatment of the platysma
  • Review clinically relevant anatomy important to surgical technique and avoiding complications
  • Discuss treatment of the prominent submandibular gland and large digastric muscles
  • Discuss management of the difficult neck
  • Discuss sequencing neck lift with other procedures
  • Review anesthesia considerations if neck lift surgery
  • Discuss patient safety issues in neck lift surgery
  • Discuss peri-operative care of the neck lift patient