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Upcoming Meetings and Symposia
JULY 2024

The Aesthetic Cruise 2024

July 11–23, 2024
Chair: Tim Papadopoulos, MD
Vice Chair: Kristi Hustak, MD
CME Chair: Trent Douglas, MD
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Combined Face & Body Symposium

Face Chair: Chris Surek, DO
Rhino Chair: Oren Tepper, MD
Vice Chair: Michael Lee, MD

Breast and Body Chair: David Sieber, MD
Vice Chair: Kristi Hustak, MD

September 5–8, 2024
Scottsdale, AZ
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Business of Launching Your Practice

October 1213, 2024
Chair: Nolan Karp, MD
Vice-Chair: Ashley Gordon, MD
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MARCH 2025

The Aesthetic MEET 2025

March 20–23, 2025
Austin Convention Center
Austin, TX

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  MAY 2026

The Aesthetic MEET 2026

May 14–17, 2026
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
Boston, MA

  APRIL/MAY 2027

The Aesthetic MEET 2027

April 29–May 2, 2027
Seattle Convention Center — Summit
Seattle, WA